4. Psychological Interventions

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) aims to help people to manage distress and to enhance emotional well-being. CBT encourages examination of how thoughts and beliefs are connected to our moods, behaviours, physical experiences, and life events. It is based on the idea that a person learns to think and act a certain way as a result of their life experiences and their perceptions of those experiences.

The goal of CBT for Psychosis is not specifically to reduce symptoms, in the way that an anti-psychotic medication might, although studies have reported significant symptom reduction. The goal is to reduce the distress you may be experiencing, such as stress, anxiety, depression and/or low self-esteem. CBT skills are helpful in managing the distress associated with hearing voices (1).


An individual who is turned down for a job might immediately start to think that they are incompetent or "not good enough". Such negative thoughts are likely to be influenced by early experiences, such as bullying or criticism by others. Negative thoughts may in turn elicit unpleasant emotions and physical sensations, as well as altering the individual's behaviour by preventing them from applying for similar jobs in the futur

Individual Psychosocial Intervention



As psychosis often affects our occupation, our relationships and our self confidence, some recovery time is often helpful. To assist those who attend DETECT to maximize their recovery we have and occupational therapist to discuss plans on an individual basis. Occupational therapy sessions will assist people in identifying and achieving their goals in relation to work, training, education, leisure and daily structure. The occupational therapist can assist people in getting involved in day-to-day activities and in getting back to work or education. Occupational therapy has been shown to be beneficial to people recovering from their first episode of psychosis.


� Detect Modified 14/10/11DETECT is an acronym for Dublin and East Treatment and Early Care Team